Brazil’s OBMJ wins Best World/Instrumental Song award

Brazil’s OBMJ wins Best World/Instrumental Song award

OBMJ (ORQUESTRA BRASILEIRA DE MUSICA JAMAICANA) ,one of the darling ska acts of Brazil, took home the Gold for the Best World/Instrumental song for “O Guarani”, while Akasha from Malaysia came in runners-up in a keenly contested category of the Bite My Music Global Awards.

Bite My Music Global Awards is the World Cup of Independent music and the nominees in the various categories and genres were selected from thousands of musicians from over 50 countries.

Another Brazilian act, Allex Guedes came in 3rd place while the rest of the top 6 unfolded in this manner : Dread Daze (USA)4th place; Viva Girls (China) 5th place and Makossa&Megablast (Austria) 6th place.

OBMJ shares :

Time to Dance Ska!

Ladies and gentlemen we are the OBMJ of Brazil, played the classics of Brazilian music in Jamaican rhythms.We are without words to describe the thrill of participating in a prize as important as this. We are honoured to participate along with incredible artists that we know through the nomination process and voting.For the first time an artist from South America participated in the awards, and a few minutes ago we were told that we won in the category The BEST World / Instrumental Song.

Our music is up, made to touch people, to bring happiness, we make music for people to dance and have fun.Just knowing that the other side of the world people heard our message and managed to capture longer makes us happy and accomplished musicians.We’re from Brazil and make music for everyone, is democracy in music.

Ska for everyone!

Tania Beauclair, one of the global judges for the other categories of the awards,comes from Brazil and hasthis to add:

“OBMJ are the original Brasilian ´s rhythm from Brasil. People may ask How comeJamaica?In the northeast of Brasil we have a deep. Influence fromjamaica´s song for over a  century. The band mixed Brasilian jazz with reggae and it is one of the purest Brasilian rhythm. OBMJ are recognized for their songs played in man soap operas in Brasil as well in USA through Univision .I am so proud to see them participate and win this amazing award “

Siva Zaphod Chandran

“When we were approached to include acts from Brazil, we didn’t hesitate, as their music,culture and people have long been associated with a burst of life and colors. Its amazing to observe that their music has transcended boundaries and won over the fans and global judges. We congratulate both OBMJ and Allex Guedes for making their mark on the global stage on behalf of Braziland we look forward to more acts from not just Brazil, but from South America next year” said Siva Zaphod Chandran, the founder of Bite My Music Global Awards.

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7 Responsesto “Brazil’s OBMJ wins Best World/Instrumental Song award”

  1. tania beauclair says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Amazingggggggggggggg

  2. tania beauclair says:


  3. tania beauclair says:

    I will post tomorow ths o share

  4. Glen says:

    AkashA should have won. You cant listen to ska for long periods of time, without it hitting you on your repetitive nerve. If this were was an album to album, AkashA would’ve probably won hands down. However, results are results. Congratulations OBMJ. AkashA, you guys are simply the best in the world. You have taken your music to the world , including Africa. May you guys continue your splendid music for years to come!


  6. We are happy to participate in this event, thanks to everyone who voted for us. Thanks Tania Beauclair, thank Siva! Thank you world!

  7. Allex Guedes says:

    Bite my music is synonymous with the celebration of music, a leading event that provides the interaction between peoples and races of our planet!
    long life Bite my music !
    Allex Guedes From Brazil

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