Full List of IndieGo Winners

Full List of IndieGo Winners

The big winners of the South Asia’s 1st Music Awards went to Qayaas, Brodha V, Ashanthi  and Shadow. The IndieGo music had its thrills and spills as the social media driven awards announcement kept musicians on their seats waiting for each category to be announced on the group postings on Facebook and the Bite My Music website.(www.bitemymusic.com)
Qayaas led the way with a clean sweep of all the rock awards, bagging Best Rock Vocalist, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Group but they were still upstaged when hip-hopper Brodha V snatched the Song Of The Year with the spritually gutsy Aathma Raama. Ashanthi the Queen of Sri Lanka’s hip-hop & r&b scene caused an upset when she walked away with the overall best female act beating out favorite Shreya Ghoshal and electro-pop acts Shadow finally came into their element by winning the Best Electro act. 
Qayaas also walked away as “THE CHOSEN ONE” a special category that was sponsored by world famous entertainment publicity company, Danie Cortese International. As part of DCE’s sponsorship, Qayaas will be provided a global social media PR package to help boost and drive their image and brand to a wider base of audience.
Songs and acts of the The IndieGo Music Awards was based on originality, creativity and overall song entertainment value. 30% of the scores came from online voting, 60% from global judges and 10% for marketing and promotions.
Top winners of the awards win crystal awards and automatically qualify for the Bite My Music Global Awards finals where they face off musicians from the rest of the world. The Bite My Music Global Awards is considered the world’s biggest independent music awards.Winners also win special global PR packages, year long media support, a chance to work with international producers, recording deals and to perform at international shows. 
The global Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/BiteMyMusicGlobalAwards and the IndieGo music awards group can be joined at http://www.facebook.com/groups/184052588328085/

Siva Chandran

“The sole purpose we embarked on championing the South Asian independent music scene was to unite musicians from all the South Asian countries. Over the years we had hundreds of artists contact us from these countries to help them elevate themselves in their own local music scene and beyond their boundaries. We are happy to note that so much camaraderie has sprung forth via these awards platform and we wont be surprised to see collaborations of acts from the various countires.” said Siva “Zaphod” chandran, the founder of the awards.
meera thuraivel
“It was a real tough call to select the Song of The Year from such a good batch of songs but Brodha V’s track stood out from the rest and will make an excellent representative of the South Asian flavor in the global music awards.One thing we are also striving to put together is a compilation of the nominees and winners songs from all the 4 countries.” said Meera Thuraivel, co-founder of the awards.
Ashanthi shared:”Really honoured to win so many awards for my country. Sri Lanka has so much talent and i am so glad that i was able to show a fraction of it to the world through my music..I feel this year will be a really big one for me with a start like this! I must first thank all the people behind Indiego music awards especially Siva and Meera for making this happen and for all the recognition i have received globally with the win of these 4 awards.The new age Asian movement is about to take over the world and the cornerstone has just been laid. So proud to be part of the action and so honoured by this big achievement! thank you team Indiego and all the judges and all my fans who support me throughout my music career! It’s gonna be a great year!”


Brodha V – Aathma Raama

Best pop song

Tu Hai Kahaan – Hassan Khan (Pakistan)
Colors fly – Allegro fudge (India) (Bronze -tie)

Jahaan – Natasha Ejaz (Pakistan) (SILVER)

It’s unreal, this feeling. Rishabh and I started this project last year never even imagining we would be awarded such an honor. For us just the nomination was enough, and honestly last night when the announcements were happening I was too tired to stay up. Woke up with all these notifications. Best feeling ever. Here’s to finishing the album and congratulations to everyone else that won” – Natasha
Live Again – Agam the band feat Shreya Goshal (India)
Down with love – Worren Webbe feat Karma (India)
Going down – Ashanthi (Sri Lanka)
Bad Conversation – Alex Rintu (India)
Kal Nahin Aaata- Pragnya Walkhu (India)

Josh – Colin Terrence (India) (GOLD)
Uljha sa rehta hoon – Shadow (India) (BRONZE -tie)

Best Pop Act

Hassan Khan (Pakistan) (Bronze)

Natasha Ejaz (Pakistan)
Worren Webbe (GOLD)

Colin Terence
Ashanthi (Sri Lanka) (Silver)


Best hip-hop song

Illien – Raplust (feat Cryptic wisdom)
God is love – Mumbai’s finest (Bronze)

Long Gone – Emcee Feral
Aathma Raama – Brodha V (GOLD)

Hip-hop (never be the same)- Bombay bassment (Silver)

Face to face – Rahul Atri


Best hip-hop solo

Emcee Feral
Shiraz (Sri lanka)
Brodha V (GOLD)

I feel great winning this……It feels great to know that people recognize hardwork and I appreciate Bite My Music for for its initiative and the platform they provide for Independent artists like us. Im honoured and this just motivates me to make better Music in the coming years.Im currently working with my Crew called Machas With Attitude (MWA). We are coming out with our Debut album this year, which i feel is going to be one of the best Hip Hop Albums of all times. 
Apart from Rapping, Im also going to be Producing for many other singers, rappers and bands!! And hoping to win the Next IndieGo Awards too!! – Brodha V

Nbs Sabby
The ‘HK’ (Bronze)

‘It feels Great to Get an Award when So Many Talented Artists are also Nominated in the Same Category. It Surely Boosts up my Confidence & Inspires Me to Make More Good Music for my Fans & Everybody who Supported and Loved Me. It’s been Just 2 Years that I’ve been Making Music and Getting Awarded for the Work feels Great.’ – The ‘HK’

Fast Boy
Ashanthi (Sri Lanka) (Silver)


Best hip-hop group

Mumbai’s finest
Bombay Bassment (GOLD)

RapHood Goonstaz (Bangladesh)

Best Rock Song

Aelaan – Ashwamedh (SILVER)

“I am sure its an insanely proud moment for the guys bagging a Silver for the Best Rock Song ‘Aelaan’.They have made the country immensely proud..I can say this with a firm heart being their ex PR manager,they deserve every bit of this success, having seen them worked their heart out for this song (and all the others too).Wish a lot of such proud milestones come to this 3 year old band from Pune in the future “-Mitali Shetty (supporter of Ashwamedh)

Fade away -Breathspace (Sri lanka)
Mirage – Barefaced liar (BRONZE)

Its an honour to be recognized on a platform that celebrates the artistry of musicians in south asia. We are thrilled to have been in such esteemed company in our category and are grateful and excited about this prestigious win! 2012 is looking to be a big year for Barefaced Liar. We are on track with recording our second album with reputed producer Zorran Mendonsa which we hope to release later this year.Thank you again for this honour and we will be sharing the good news with our fans.- Barefaced Liar

November forever – All the fat children
Inquilaab – Qayaas
Main Jaoonga- Sifar
All about a heartbreak – Them Clones
Tribe – Lucid Recess
Two tooth the rat race – Sanjeev Thomas
Shehrezade – Qayaas (GOLD)

Best rock vocalist

V- Breathspace (Sri Lanka)
Akshay Chowdhry- Barefaced liar
Umair Jaswal – Qayaas(Pakistan) GOLD)

“It is a great honor to be awarded as the BEST ROCK VOCALIST in Asia. I would like to take this time and thank everyone at Indie-GO and Siva Zaphod Chandran for this opportunity and for promoting Indiependant music. Especially Eva Dowd, without you this would have been impossible. This award will open a lot more avenues for our music so I’m really excited about that and also for being nominated globally. We’ll try our best to make ASIA proud in the GLOBAL AWARDS! More music coming your way from QAYAAS in 2012. Keep supporting and keep dreaming ….cause dreams do come true!” – Umair Jaswal (Qayaas)

Jagan George – Evergreen
Puneet Vohra – Hundred Octane
Amit Yadav – Sifar
Sanjeev Thomas
Prithwish dev- Them clones (Bronze)

Munz – The Down Troddence (GOLD)

Yudi – Ashwamedh


Best rock group

All the fat children
Qayaas (Pakistan) GOLD

“It is a very satisfying and reflective moment for us. Thank you all for your support and warm wishes. We would like to mention IndieGo Awards for their great initiative especially Bite My Music for orchestrating all this. Eva Dowd, our amazing publicist who needs no mention as she is part of the Qayaas family and kept pushing us and believing in what we are doing. The end result is all there for you to see. Thank you all once again … More exciting stuff yet to come. Keep supporting and yeah keep believing- Qayaas

Blunderware (Bangladesh)

Sifar (SILVER)

“We have never really won at anything before let alone music, so this is really special and more than just an award!Next on music “We have an EP coming out around March/ April and are also working on a couple of music videos. This year definitely seems to be the most exciting.” – Amit Yadav (Sifar)
Them Clones
The Wagon Park (Sri Lanka) (BRONZE)

“This is the first time our music has been internationally recognized & appreciated,There WAS no hope for Rock n Roll in Sri Lanka but now there IS a definite chance.We are glad to be a part of it!” – Wagon Park

The Down Troddence

Genre bending

Josh – Colin Terence (Silver)

Hip-hop never be the same – Bombay bassment (Bronze)

Gunah – Sifar
Regardless – The ticker tapes
Puppet show – Jatin Puri
Papare – Ashanthi (Sri Lanka)
In the rain – Pragnya Wakhlu
All about a heartbreak (remix)- Them Clones
Two Tooth the rat race – Sanjeev Thomas (GOLD)

Bambarapadam – Shiraz (Sri Lanka)


Best Electronica Act

Tempo tantrick
Shadow (GOLD)

“Last time when we won the AVIMA it was a very surreal feeling. This time we have won more than one award and that too in a category(pop song) which we least expected in, so the feeling is ecstatic. Me and Rajan worked very hard throughout the year to churn out music that would keep us on the charts and we some how managed to. But the platform The Bite My Music team have provided is a big boost and we are ready to rage into the Bite My Music awards full throttle and we hope we make a big mark there this time as that would serve as a big encouragement for the budding musicians of India. Thanks for your support and thanks for your proficiency in conducting these awards” – Shadow

The Ticker tapes
Hashback hashish (Bronze)

“I feel ecstatic and supremely humbled by the fact that people not only want to listen to a new brand of music, but also publicly acknowledge and appreciate its impact. This is my cue to keep pushing and improve continuously at what I do, which, I hope, is noticeable in all my work. This win comes as validation and a booster wrapped in one.

There are plenty of collaborations in the offing, as there are more than a few musicians with a crazy amount of talent that I wish to work with. Also on the cards are performances in a couple of cities I’m yet to explore as an artist. Most of all, though, my future has music.” – Hashback Hashish

Dualist Inquiry (Silver)


Best Electronica dance song

Gun to your head – Tempo tantrick (GOLD)

Memories – Santosh suresh
The creation – DJ Shahrukh (Pakistan)
Cmon chick – Sez (Silver)

“First of all I thank You and the entire team of Bite My Music for this superb initiative. And also thank you for considering me worth this award. This was seriously unexpected. Its because I was nominated among the Biggies of Indie Act in Electronica Genre who are much more experienced. So for a kid like me it was unexpected. Cmon Chick was also a break out track for me when it was released. Like it was the best track of me till date. And after my nominations I was motivated enough to make more and more songs. And last thing, yesterday was my birthday too..so this award was a special one for me. 
And what is next in my career..umm after cmon chick I have already released nearly 2 dozen songs over the web ranging from Hip Hop genre to dubstep to ambient to trance. And these days..I am working on a Trance Ep. Being an Indie Artists I always love to collaborate with other artists if the feel so. So I am also doing work with various Underground Emcees. Practicing hard is the thing these days for me. I am trying to fuse multiple genre to make something unique. and I hope I’ll be successful in it.Thanks a lot Bite My Music. And shout out to Broda V, Raplust, Shadow, Bombay Basement, Worren Webbe, Ashanthi, Qayaas and all other winners. I will drop my songs once again in 2012 awards ” – Sez

DJ play my song –Worren Webbe feat Efinxace
Infinity – Hashback hashish (Bronze)

Dance Free-Sanjeev Thomas (remix)
Chase The Sun – Shadow
Venus – Shadow
Qualia – Dualist Inquiry


Best Overall Female vocalist

Shreya Ghoshal
Ashanthi (Sri Lanka) (GOLD)

Pragnya Wakhlu


Best Collaboration

Live Again- Agam the band feat Shreya Ghoshal (GOLD)

The One – DJ Raf Ft Aina Cook (Bangladesh) (Bronze)

“Music’s been my passion for quite a few years now, and winning this award for my efforts really boosts everything for me. It’s a journey I embarked on, with the blessings of God, and I feel even more blessed to have had this opportunity to be part of the IndieGo Music Awards.

As a musician, I really appreciate the initiative by the BiteMyMusic team for creating this world wide platform. This can & will inspire and motivate thousands of musicians, just like myself, all over the world. So you guys keep up the great work, and I will aim for the Gold next year! ” – DJ Raf

Ashanthi feat krishan – Papare (Sri Lanka)
Ente Sambath – Sanjeev Thomas featuring Keith peters and Baiju Dharmajan (Silver)

Shadow – Jealous Girl featuring effluence
Down with love – Worren Webbe feat Karma

Best instrumental

A/J – Pink
The down troddence – Ortniavis
Agam – brahma’s dance (GOLD)

Thank You For Existing Award (Most Creative & Innovative Act)

Jatin Puri, Tempo Tantrick, Ashanthi & Ticker Tapes

Most Mindblowing Music Video

Shiva-The Down Troddence (GOLD)

Pukaar-Qayaas (Silver)

Indian Jadoo – Sanjeev Thomas feat.Chinna Ponnu (Bronze)

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