Prema Yin (best overall female act)

Kuala Lumpur , 20 February 2012 : The 3rd VIMA awards held at Cinta KL last night was a huge success with many talking points, surprises and landmark moments.The title sponsors this year was by FMTnews (

K-Town Clan's 5 VIMA awards

The biggest winners of the night were crunk-hip-hoppers, K-Town Clan who swept the awards night with 3 of the main awards, landing Best Rock Song,Best Hip-Hop Song and Best Hip-Hop Group. They also won The Thank You For Existing Award and Best Genre Bender. Their 2 songs, the hard-hitting rap-rock “Come Get Some’ which featured Dragon Red, DJ Fuzz, Samir, Jin Hackman, Altimet & Ash G and the infectious Give Me the Ughh  will now go on to represent Malaysia at the Global Indie music awards, The Bite My Music Global Awards.

K-Town Clan shared:

What an amazing night !! We went for the awards thinking that we just won the “Thank you for existing Award”. It really took us by surprise that we ended up bagging 5 awards at the end of the night ! We are truly humbled and honored. Its hard to describe how it felt, but in a nutshell, lets just say it felt DAMN GOOD We’ve gone through so much together these past 6 years, high highs and low lows but we always manage to go hard, look at the bigger picture and keep our eyes on the prize. Our sincere thanks to Siva, Meera and the whole VIMA team for putting together such a memorable night. Their passion for music is true and from the heart and we acknowledge that. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. Last but not least, a BIG thank you to our family, friends and not forgetting our fans from all around the world ! We love you and we appreciate you. God is Good, All the Time.

The biggest upsets of the night was when the Best Rock Group went to Blister  and  Song of the Year was awarded to “Shine” by Beat The System featuring Jaclyn Victor.

Siva and Meera with Qayaas

“Finally we have 3 world class songs from Malaysia which we can proudly showcase on the global stage. Come Get Some and Give Me The Ughh are without doubt two of the greatest songs ever produced over the past decade and on Shine, Jaclyn Victor steps out of her comfortable mainstream suit and zips up into an astonishing metal track of epic proportions thanks to the masterwork of Beat The System. These 3 songs have justified all the hard work we have put in to organize the awards, and is the very reason why we will continue to do so.We are looking forward to see how these songs fair on the world stage when they go head on with other finalists from across the globel at the Bite My Music Global awards that begins its voting stage from February 29th” said Siva ” Zaphod” Chandran, COO of Bite Media and founder of the awards.

The HUGE Song of The Year award

The other main awards recipients were Prema Yin for Best Overall Female Act, Adam Lobo of Dragon Red for Best Rock Vocalist, 21 Soulblaze from Singapore for Best Hip-hop solo, Nadhira for Best Pop Song (Tear us apart) and Andi Merican for Best Pop Act .

I would like to take this opportunity to thank VIMA for EXISTING and giving me and the band HOPE in the music industry with all the political nonsense that is going on today, a special thanks to Dr. Jake Abdullah for the personal guidance, its nice to get an award which truly represents the 10 years pure hardwork with ups and downs, it is indeed the year of the DRAGON” – (Adam Lobo)  Dragon Red

Nurul Izzah with Prema Yin

Member of Parliment for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar took to the stage rather sportingly to give away the Best Overall Female act. The category was unique as 6 finalists were called to the stage from 10 nominees to receive a surprise jewelry gift from Styles of Sonia, and the 2nd and 3rd place winners received a special framed CD Jewelry set.

Special framed CD Jewelry fo Best overall female act (from Styles of Sonia)

The other defining moment was when RIM council member Rosmin Hashim gave away the Hall of Fame award to Pacai, and signified a closer relationship between The Recording Industry Association of Malaysia and the indie music scene. RIM has pledged to work closely with the Bite My Music team to help elevate the music industry and are currently taking positive steps to make changes that will address issues on the ground including some changes to the AIM awards. The major music labels are also keen to explore working with VIMA awards to identify indie acts that they can collaborate with to take the indie act to the next level.

Pachai with his Hall of Fame award

“Slowly, we’re getting there. Our vision and blueprint that we started out with, way back in 2008 has now grown into an area that will possibly see the entire landscape of the Malaysian music scene redefined. Acts that were once underground are now gracing the biggest advertising campaigns in the country and are being endorsed as ambassadors to the biggest brands. Our next step is to create a sustainable platform to breed new talent and to take our local acts to make a name globally.” added Siva.

Qayaas, receiving all their indiego awards from Natasha Ejaz

The awards night also saw recipients of other global music awards take to the stage. The Biggest rock act of Pakistan, Qayaas, who recently won the IndieGo music awards, the South Asian equivalent of VIMA, received their crystal awards for Best Rock Act, Best Rock Vocalist and Best Rock Song (Sherezade). The other awards given out were for the top musicians of the recent Global African Music Awards, GAMA.

Renni from A2 Empire holding the Best African Hip-hop group award

IndieGo music awards and GAMA are both organized by Bite Media and Saintz & Sinnerz. GAMA was co-organized with King Lhota, President of ARTAM (African Radio and TV Asia).

The awards had 10 performances with the best ones by Goldkartz, who opened the show, Nadhira and Vandal from Malaysia, Natasha Ejaz from Pakistan, X-Clusive from Singapore, King Lhota & JKL of Africa and Iris from Sarawak.The other performers were Ange Lym and her band, Madan Psytrus who kept the crowd enetertained before the show,A2 Empire and 21 Soul blaze from Singapore.

Malay Mail double page spread of VIMA

“This was truly a global village. It was amazing to see musicians from Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Africa join forces and have such a great time. The event was better managed this time round and we only heard good things from everyone who attended the event. especially plenty of compliments for the venue, Cinta KL. We had sponsors and event organizers from all over the region approach us wanting to tie up to be part of VIMA for the next 2 years already”, said Meera Thuraivel, CEO of Bite Media and co-founder of VIMA

The were also 500 chocolate chip cookies handed out during the event  courtesy of Baked Cookies.

Among the special treat for winners of some categories

Best Rock Group  receives a 6 room 2night stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang and also gets to play a showcase there

Best Rock Song and Best Rock Vocalist categories each won an Electric Guitar from The Guitar Store

Best Hip-hop song to receive a song production package worth RM 5,000 from Studio 21:05

Best Pop song received a song production package worth RM 5,000 from Abraham Records

All main award winners to receive a special studio package from Pulse Soundworks worth RM 1,000 each

One Global PR package from world renown PR Entertainment specialist, Danie Cortese International.

The awards was also supported by The Impiana KLCC, Styles of Sonia, Malay Mail,Cinta KL,8TV,Fly FM,360 celcius magazine and Print lah

More pictures and reactions to follow in the next 48 hours..stay tuned

Full list of Winners

Best Pop/R&B Song

Tear us Apart – Nadhira feat. Ron E Jones


Best Pop/R&B Act

Andi A.Merican

TQ for the awards and recognition. Of course, im very happy and excited, but im more than happy to know that there are people out there like SIVA and MEERA who’s doing it sincerely and passionately for the love of music. Im proud that they manage to pull it off, and provide an alternative medium for musicians to grow. And for that, on behalf of other musicians, THANK YOU” -Andi

Best Rock Song

Come Get Some (Bangkai Beserker Masacre) –K Town Clan feat. Dragon Red, DJ Fuzz, Samir, Jin Hackman, Altimet & Ash G

Best Rock Group



Best Rock Vocalist

Adam Lobo (Dragon Red)

Best Hip-Hop Song

Give Them The Ughh!! – K-townClan

Best Hip-Hop Solo

21 Soulblaze (Singapore)

K-Town Clan

Best Hip Hop Group

K Town Clan


jp (best electronica act)

Best Electronica/Dance Song

Ha Karde – Goldkartz feat.Rishi Rich & Mumzy Stranger

Best Electronica/Dance Act


Best Genre-Bending Act (Mixed Genres)

Come Get Some (Bangkai Beserker Masacre)- K-Town Clan feat. Dragon Red, DJ Fuzz, Samir, Jin Hackman, Altimet & Ash G

Best Instrumental/World Music

Helmets and Fiery Endings -In Each Hand a Cutlass (Singapore)

Best Female Vocalist Overall

Prema Yin


Jaclyn Victor

Best Collaboration

Shine – Beat the System feat. Jaclyn Victor


Best Indian/Punjabi Act


Ze & Nadhira with their VIMA awards

Best Music Video

In The House – Goldfish & Blink featuring Ze and Altimet

Best College Act

Natasha Ejaz

Thank You For Existing Awards (Most creative and Innovative Act)

K-Town Clan and Darren Ashley


Young Stunna – Best Hip-hop solo act

Black Gs – Best R&B Artist

Dare David – Song of The the Year (Do me well)

Pastor Ota Ewere – Best Gospel Artist

A2 Empire – Best hip-hop group

Indiego award recipients

Qayaas – Best Rock Song, Best Rock Group and Best Rock Vocalist




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