20 November 2013: Kuala Lumpur

The VIMA team have just released the final nominees list for the VIMA 2013 MUSIC AWARDS.,

VIMA 2013 is considered the most important and participated independent music awards of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei). The awards,now in its 4th installment, will recognize the winners at an awards ceremony on February 24th, 2012 at The View, G Tower, Kuala Lumpur.

The biggest categories were dominated by musicians from Singapore namely Masia One, Shigga Shay and Sharliza Jelita, whose genre-defying style earned them nods in all the major categories of pop,rock,hip-hop and dance. However they were  all upstaged by the Malaysian hip-hop-dance collective Psycho.Unit who led the way with an astonishing 8 nominations, followed by 7 nominations for hip-hopper Masia One and 6 each for Sharliza Jelita and Malaysia’s Amirah Ali. Indonesia’s rapper, Yacko pulled off 5 nominations while Adi Rani and Zul Faden kept the Brunei flag flying high.

Pharell nominated in the Best Collaboration category with Masia One

One of the biggest surprises of the nomination list included Grammy award winner Pharell, who appeared on Masia One’s track, Errrybody. Also announced into the list were 3 wildcards – Rocket Rockers and Rock n Roll Mafia from Indonesia and Jamairul from Brunei. Both Rocket Rockers and Rock N Roll Mafia earned an automatic nomination for their nominations at this years Bite My Music Global Awards. Jamairul earned his stripes after performing impressively to a challenge by the Bite My Talent team when he took on a cover of Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work”. Wildcard entries are only allowed to be entered into one category and are chosen by the organizers.

Psycho.Unit strikes gold with 8 nominations

In a separate announcement, the VIMA team have extended the deadline for 3 categories – Best Chinese Song, Best Music Video and Best College/University Act until December 1st, 2012. Voting for these 3 categories will begin on Dec 3rd 2012 until December 28th,2012. All submissions must be in soundcloud format and full profiles and contact details are to be included and emailed to

Yacko from Indonesia has 5 nominations

“We have decided to have an expanded VIMA nomination list this time to accomodate the large number of pop and rock related songs that were submitted.We realise how musicians struggle to get their voices heard and it would have been unfair to leave some very talented musicians out of our nominees list just to fulfill a particular quota. So, its a HUGE list of songs this time round and we’re very pleased with the number of entries from Singapore, Indonesia and musicians from East Malaysia. There’s an amazing mixbag of styles and even parodies that have been nominated, and its great to see many musicians embark on quirky and inventive singing to produce some truly unique sounding songs.We truly believe that at the end of the day, creativity and talent will triumph at VIMA” said Siva Zaphod Chandran, founder of VIMA and COO of Bite Media.

6 noms for Singapore’s Sharliza

VIMA is organized by Bite Media and Saintz & Sinnerz, an international marketing and brand company specialising in social media,lifestyle and entertainment. VIMA is supported by TUNE Hotels, Traxx FM, De Lena Fashion Jewellery (Croatia), 8TV, The Malay Mail, Heyday Streetwear (Singapore),, Hard Rock Hotel Penang,Rentak Sejuta, Indie TV Indonesia, Genesis Pro-Audio, Guitar Store,Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia,, Seventh Tribe Studio (Kuching), MyTamilChannel, Year One Events & Talents, Distronesia (Indonesia), BAKED COOKIES,Rosiegraphie (official photographer) & (Indonesia).

Amirah Ali also grabbed 6 nominations

“Our advise to all nominees is to keep the hype and activity going strong on their social media sites such as Facebook,Twitter and Youtube. This time, 10% of the overall scores will be allocated to evaluate how well musicians engage their fans online. We also advise nominees to work closely with their media friends to create more buzz and publicity about their nominations so that they get in the public votes, which make up 30% of the overall scores.The final 60% is determined by global and regional judges”  said Meera Thuraivel, CEO of Bite Media and co-founder of VIMA.

Shigga Shay from Singapore with 4 noms


22 votedvote
Voting will begin from 26th November 2012 until December 28th,2012 The voting link for public and judges to listen to all songs will be announced on all VIMA platforms on November 25th, 2012.Fans and musicians are advised to join the new VIMA Facebook page for all updates at Updates and announcements can also be found at

The following are the nominees list for VIMA 2013:

Poova with 3 nominations


Stephanie Liu (ft Alda Evan Tan, Angie Lym & Yuri Wong) : 咖啡厅 -(Cafe)

Poova :Hello

Troy D (Singapore) : Bottom of my heart

Albert Tobing (Indonesia) : Cuma Kamu

Have a Safe Fall (Brunei) : Over You

Sharliza Jelita (Singapore) : Is that your underwear on the floor

Stars and Rabbit (Indonesia) : Like It Here

Stylo D’ Viruz feat Vish-1 & Shameshan Mani Maran: Avaleh Partenda

Matilda Radge : Love in The Sky

Masia One (Singapore)Number One

Tiban, Krishna Srikumar & Narmmadha  : Kalaigindre

Amirah Ali : Sailing The Sahara

Angie Lym  Feat. Juwita Suwito & Wordsmith (USA) : Superman

Adi Rani feat 1D (Brunei) : Permaisuri

3 idiots: Kadhal Vanthathu Yeno

Justin Lewis : Till the night goes

Jonah & Kazz (Zimbabwe/Malaysia): Good Night

SOED Maukah Kau Jadi Pendampingku  (Indonesia)

Protocol Afro Music (Dance with me) (Indonesia)

Chief VR1 : Du’IT Dawg’IT Bounce

Risky summerbee feat frau  (Indonesia): Days Elapsed

Chelsia Ng : Not a lie

Ash Nair : Closer

Amanda Imani feat Malique

Nadhira feat Vandal: Closer

Swaiv : Just Rain

Seyra (Singapore) : Jauh

Black Lightbulb ; Purple Pouch

Young stunna : Set Me Free

Psytrus: KL City Lights

Bihzhu : The Heart Way


Best Pop Act

Albert Tobing (Indonesia)

Amirah Ali


Sharliza Jelita (Singapore)


Chelsia Ng

Amanda Imani

AmmyP (Nigeria/Malaysia)


Adi Rani (Brunei)

Friday King Road

Zul Faden (Brunei)


ZE! with 3 nominations

Best Dance Act


Galvin Patrick

Evan Virgan (Indonesia)


Homogenic (Indonesia)

Rebel LD

Black Blooms  (UK/Malaysia)

Justin Lim


JP (France/Malaysia)



Rebel LD

Best Dance Song

Sharliza Jelita (Singapore) : Claustrophobia

Masia One Make up (feat Isis Salam & Black Molly) (Singapore

X-Clusive (Singapore) : Karma

Amirah Ali : Katakanlah (Trance Remix) by Scandra

Bottlesmoker (Indonesia) Slo Mo Smile

JP : Stop it (Original Mix)

The Shakes : Playground (Indonesia)

Electro.pup : Paradise

Homogenic (Indonesia) : Takkan Berhenti Di sini

Galvin Patrick : Soalan 2

Lady Kash & Krissy (Singapore) :Take Me Home Tonight

Dennis Lau feat Moots : Gotcha Style

ZE! (feat Abstract Source) : Run, You Cant

Shruthi : Va :

Psycho unit : m.o.d

Rebel LD : Fall in Love Again

Rebel LD : Can Kill

Evan Virgan feat Debora w (Indonesia) : Dreaming


Young Stunna with 5 nominations

Best Hip-hop Song

Shigga Shay feat Vanessa Fernandez : Rock My World (Singapore) :

Oil Town Hip-hop : I know I have a dream

G.L.A : Ubah

Masia One (Singapore) : Warriors Tongue

Yacko featuring NSG (Indonesia)  : That Girl

Son Of Age : Kill us All

The Shakes & Sayla : Gemini

Nawi feat Frequensi & Lady D : Penghujung

Kamaswagger feat Roshan Jamrock : Desire

Young Caddy ThrillHoodz ft Ife-Ezy : Fastball

Brix sqwad feat roshan jamrock: Loose Control

Rhymebook feat nutty: Till Tomorrow

Psycho.unit : Fly Tamizhans

Psycho unit feat Rubba bend and Rabbit Mac: Indian Monster

RDZ feat Mira Tilu : Kongsi

Young Stunna feat Micah & Half Eyez : Hands Up

Emcee Non Gergasi : Nan Gergasi

Amanda Imani with 4 nominations

 Best Hip-hop act

Shigga Shay (Singapore):

Masia One (Singapore)

Yacko (Indonesia)

Son Of Age


Young Stunna

Nan Gergasi



Shaneil Devaser

Best Rock Song

Alex Subryn : Look Into The Sky

Abstrak Hingga Ke Bulan : Tiktok

Sharliza Jelita (Singapore) :Credit Crunch

Paperplane Pursuit : Everybody Wants Somebody :

Tres Empre : Sleeping Tiger

Beat The System : Hero

Azmyl Yunor and the Sigarettes: Makan Gaji

For Revenge : Sendiri

Iris Band : Impian Yang Pasti

Inverted Coma: Berdikari

Blackstar (Indonesia) : Never Leave

Sekumpulan Orang Gila :Sumpah Pendekar

The Jaka (Indonesia): Gemini

Ten Thousand Talents : Old School Days

Sonar Instinct : Dear Lana

Mayday (Indonesia) Bernyanyi dan menari

Rhythm Nation :My Catastrophe

Shaneil Devaser :Sleep all day

Pheelers : Aku dan Simfoni

RPGIO: In your face

Hardcandy: Do You Feel

Rendra Zawawi: Faceless


Rocket Rockers from Indonesia

Best Rock Act

Refresh Band (Indonesia)

Tres Empre

Sekumpulan Orang Gila

For Revenge (Indonesia)

The Liberated

Alex Subryn


Inverted Coma

Frequency Cannon

Rocket Rockers (Indonesia)

Beat The System

Shaneil Devaser

Lord Symphony (Indonesia)

Sonar Instinct



Azmyl Yunor and The Sigarettes



The Panic (Indonesia)

Classmates band


First Kids (Indonesia)

Zul Faden from Brunei

Best overall Male Vocalist


Albert Tobing (Indonesia)

Eddie (Tres Empre):

Zul Faden (Brunei)

Jamairul (Brunei)

Emir Blackstar (Indonesia)

Ayen (Pheelers)

Asde (Brunei)

Sam Seelan (Beat The System)

Adam Lobo

Young Stunna (Nigeria/Malaysia)

Daud Rose (Indonesia)

Shaneil Devaser

Lady Kash & Krissy from Singapore with 3 noms

 Best Overall Female Act

Amirah Ali Amirah Ali

Amanda Imani

Masia One (Singapore)

Sharliza Jelita (Singapore)

Lady Kash and Krissy (Singapore)

Puti Chitara (Indonesia)


Chelsia Ng

Sarah (Seyra) Singapore

Nessya (SOED) Indonesia

Wawa dzulkifli


Zahidah (Singapore)

Matilda Radge

Yacko (Indonesia)

Chelsia Ng with 3 nominations

 Best Instrumental /World Music

ANECHOIS (Singapore): The Moon and The Sun

Amirah Ali: Katakanlah (Instrumental)

The Shakes The Throne

Mind field: Tap your fret Link :

Iwanouz (Indonesia): Islands in Papua

Iwanouz (Indonesia): Feel India

AP (Indonesia): Rindu (Instrumental)

Experibels : Into The Light

Khatulistiwa (Indonesia):Gambang Semarang

Logeswaran : Total Bliss

Angie lym : Superman (Instrumental)

Bihzhu with 4 noms

Best Genre Bender

Sharliza Jelita (Singapore) :Is that your underwear on the floor

Stylo D’Viruz : Avaleh Pathenda

Lady Kash and Krissy (Singapore) : Take Me Home Tonight

Masia One(Singapore) : HLMF

Homogenic (Indonesia) : Takkan Berhenti Di Sini

G.L.A :Ubah

Yacko feat Lawrence Philip (Indonesia): Filthy Rich

+2db: 3 o’clock (FEAT tactmatic)

DJ FUZZ + Salam + altimet: Bangkit

Blackstar (Indonesia) : Skizofrenia

Rhythm Nation: My Catastrophe

Kamaswagger feat Roshan Jamrock : Desire

Squarecircles: New Dance

Bizhu : A chord Green

YMY feat Galvin Patrick :Halusinasi

Freezle feat Iza (Brunei) Berikan lah

Psycho unit : Ghetto disco

Black lightbulb: Purple Pouch

Ruang Damai (Indonesia)

X-clusive (Singapore): Karma

On the Beat and Path, Nadhira, Azmyl and Vandal

Best Collaboration

Shigga Shay feat Muzique (Singapore) : Break Me

Psycho Unit featuring Rabbit Mac & Rubba Bend : Indian Monster

Shigga Shay feat Vanessa Fernandez : Rock My World (Singapore) :

Oil Town Hip-hop : I know I have a dream :

Yacko feat Lawrence Philip (Indonesia) : Filthy Rich

Salam & Altimet & DJ Fuzz : Bangkit

Amirah Ali feat Julio Caliman Queen of My Heart(Bossa Nova Version)

JP feat Shaz : A New Beginning

+2DB feat Tactmatic :  3 o’clock

Amanda Imani feat Malique : Cemburu

Dennis Lau feat Moots : Gotcha Style

ZE! & Joachim Garraud:  Im Invaded

Masia One ft. Pharrell, The Game & Isis Salam: Errrybody

ZE! & James Best : Running out of time

Nawi feat Frequensi & Lady D : Penghujung

On the Beat and Path, Nadhira, Azmyl Yunor,Vandal : Everyday

Young Caddy ThrillHoodz ft Ife-Ezy Young stunna : Fastball

Freezle feat Iza (Brunei) : Berikan lah

Angie Lym  Feat. Juwita Suwito & Wordsmith (USA) : Superman

Young Stunna feat Micah & Half Eyez : Hands Up

Best Indian/Punjabi Song

Lady Kash and Krissy (Singapore) : Desi Pennae

Ali Baba feat Bullet Benjamen & Viveck Ji : Ali Baba

Hashmitha Selvam : Indru Vaazhnthidalaam (Let Love Take Over)

Raina Arvinder -  Hai Ni Teri Yaad

Goldkartz   : Punjabi Jeha

Stylo D’ Viruz feat Vish-1 & Shameshan Mani Maran: Avaleh Partenda

3 idiots kadhal vanthathu yeno

Thivya: Inni Vendham

Shruthi: VA

Psychounit feat Daddy Shaq : Forever

Chackram feat G Crak: Shalilah

Brix Sqwad feat Shane Extreme : Pogathey

Tiban, Krishna Srikumar & Narmmadha : Karaigindre

Me and My Punjabi Friend :  Pessa



  1. Son Of Age says:

    This is awesome. for those of you who wonder who the f are these cats, well i can’t answer for all of them but i am son of age and i am surprise that i am here in all honesty.
    check out

  2. Feel so honored this year for Iris Band song titled “Impian Yang Pasti” is nominated in the Best Rock Song Category….though we are not nominated in the Best Rock Group Category this year after being nominated in 2011 & 2012 but we are glad that we will be going back to VIMA 2013 next year….am very excited….

  3. Where can we find links to these tracks? I have searched for a few on Soundcloud and they didn’t come up?

  4. Thank you. We feel so honored for being nominated for “Best Rock Act” alongside all the marvelous bands. Now, we’re in preparation to record 2 more songs, and will be released in Q1 2013. Feel free to check us out Thank you VIMA 2012 for believe in us. Support your local music.

  5. Rizal Karim says:

    G.L.A stands for Gentlemans & Ladies Association. Or in Bahasa Melayu GILA which means crazy. Cause the people who are crazy enough to think they can
    change the world are the ones who do. Founded in July 2012.

    Consists of two artists. Rizal Karim & Zarul Bakar

    Rizal Karim born and raised in Sweden is originally from Malaysia (Malaysian citizen). Where his parents are born and raised in Singapore. Rizals dad moved to Europe in his 20ies.
    Had his studies in New York Universit
    y and Berkeley College. Moved to Malaysia in 2012.

    Zarul Bakar was born in Malaysia but stayed in various countries around the world with his family where they were working overseas.

    While in 2007 Zarul resided in Sweden where his mother had an management position for a malay company. Rizal and Zarul met where they talked about doing music in the future. Met up in 2012 where they collaborated for a shortfilm music video project titled UBAH.

    The shortfilm/music video is a short story about a man who lives in the kampung of Malaysia but gets sacked from his job and has to leave the kampung for the city (KL)
    Where he loses all his money and tries to change himself for success.

    Therefor the song title UBAH.

    Music Video and Short film by:
    Director : Rizal Karim
    Assistant Director : Kuwirawan
    Cinematography : Wan Billy from WanbillyStill&Motiongraphy
    Produced By Wanbilly Still&Motiongraphy & Blackcollars Studio
    Starring : Rizal Karim, Zarul Bakar
    Film Editor : Wan Billy, Qahhar Aziz, Adznan Rafthi, Wan Taqi
    Original Song : Ricc Ross – Hustling
    Recomposed : Rizal Karim and Zarul Bakar
    Lyric : Rizal Karim , Zarul Bakar
    Art Direction By Wan Taqi From Wanbilly Still&Motiongraphy
    Production Coordinator By Adznan Rafthi From Blackcollars Studio
    Location Manager By Dewi Kartika
    First Assistant Camera : Wan Billy
    Second Assistant Camera : Qahhar Aziz
    Third Camera : Wan TK
    Behind The Scene Video : Kuwirawan
    Special Thanks to
    Zul Luey from LUEY MOTION LAB
    Aman Nordin from RADIUS FX

  6. ethanfuggingray says:

    Hye guys this is fugging ace im the lead guitarist from rhythm nation .and this is our 1st time nominated its a honour. Alot of great acts some brothers n sisters on the nomination big shoutout to the wolfpack hardcandy karmaswagger!!! Thanks vima, cheers rock n fn roll,!!!!!

  7. sonar instinct says:

    Its a big surprise for us to be nominated and a huge honor to come alongside with all these awesome and talented musicians..thanks u very much bite my music for giving us this opportunity..for those who read this,feel free to know more about us and our songs..follow us on twitter @sonarinstinct or facebook rock on and long live indie music scene!!

  8. rhymebook says:

    Hey musicians and music lovers! I still can’t believe that I’m nominated for the Best Hip Hop Song. I was surprised when my friend – Pearl from Swaiv congratulated me yesterday. But million thanks for the nomination! I’ve been writing, composing, singing and rapping since I was young but this is my first attempt to share my music with the world. :) Anyways, do check out more of my tunes at or you can also buzz me in twitter @rovellakapple :)

  9. Zulhilmi Hassan says:

    Good Luck, Amirah Ali !

    For thos who would love to check out Amirah’s songs, you can check

    Amirah’s number 1 fan =)

  10. Arvind says:

    Very very Nice song


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