VIMA 2013 : Best Music Video Nominees

VIMA 2013 : Best Music Video Nominees

The following are the VIMA 2013 Best Music Video nominees that will tantalize, terrorize and impress upon you.From quirky and cool videos to videos with a message and storyline, these videos will be evaluated by global and regional judges and also the public.

Global judges will account for 50% of the total scores and the remaining 50% will be determined via public votes.

We encourage everyone to view all videos to enjoy the efforts of all artistes. The team has taken into consideration that not all musicians have the budget for large scale videos but have selected videos that strike a nice chord with its audience too.

Click on the following links to go to your favourite videos to vote. You may also leave a comment under each video page to help your favourite video stand a better chance with judges.

The closing date for music video voting is December 28th, 2012


Chelsia Ng : Im Sorry

Dennis Lau : Gotcha Style

Angie Lym : Superman

RDZ : Kongsi

RPGIO : In Your Face

For Revenge : Sendiri

Nadhira feat Vandal : Closer

Me and My Punjabi Friend feat Mr Dan: Talli

ZE! & Joachim Garraud : Im Invaded

Bihzhu : The Heart Way

IZ : Cinta Akhir

Abstrak Hingga Ke Bulan : Tik Tok

Sheezay : Rockaboy

Homogenic – Seringan Awan (HD Official Video) from Anggun Syaputra on Vimeo.

Amirah Ali : Sailing The Sahara

Bottlesmoker : Boredom and Freedom

Masia One – Warrior’s Tongue

Salam, Altimet and DJ Fuzz : Bangkit

Rabbit Mac : Ma Carrotz

Tres Empre – Great White Ocean

Fans of Dub – Rebel LD

Punjabi Jeha : Goldkartz

Nakkeeran feat Arjun & Yegavaani:Chellame

Sharliza Jelita : Is that your underwear on the floor

Yacko : Filthy Rich

Classmates : Primadunia

Alvin Anthons : Berdua

Psytrus : KL City Lights

Pheelers : Aku dan Simfoni

G.L.A РUbah Shortfilm/Musicvideo 

G.L.A – Ubah

Paperplane Pursuit : Everybody Wants Somebody

SOED : Maukah Kau Jadi Pendampingku

Thyivya : Inni Vendham

Inverted Coma : Dont Need You

Iwanouz : Islands of Papua

Hevance feat Shaun Russell : Bedau alah 2.0

Rendra Zawawi : Faceless

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